Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thanksgiving and the Christmas Season

Well I didn't take as many pictures as normal this Thanksgiving since we were having some drama.  We had to admit one of our dogs (Abbigail) to the hospital Wednesday night and didn't bring her home until Friday afternoon with warnings that we may have to make some serious decisions about her soon.  Thankfully she has continued to get better and we hope that decision is far down the road.  We started last year with going to see ICE!! on Thanksgiving day and have decided it is the best time to go so we continued that tradition this year.  The girls love it!  The week after Thanksgiving Courtney had her 3rd surgery since joining our family and hopefully the last for a while.  This one was to help her lip and you will see in the picture of her and Kaleigh helping me make candy it looks bad but only because it is covered with a blue tinted glue. 

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