Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Courtney...Forever Family Day # 2

Courtney has been so excited that today is in her words her "family day".  I have been trying to put it in terms the girls will understand but the conversations usually come up right before we get to school and I hate the thought of leaving them as school with unanswered questions or feelings of insecurity.  This child has changed so much over the past two years.  She went from a child that really didn't like me at first to one who is now much more secure in our love and her place in our family.  She has been through so much in the two years since she came home.  Two surgeries, losing both of her grandpas, starting school and multiple opportunities to travel.  She is a very smart outgoing little girl who is willful knows how to push my buttons at time and I truly could not imagine my life without her or her sister.  They have definitely completed this family.  Enjoy the pictures that show the day she joined our family, our first forever family day and now our second.  Wow has she grown and changed in these two years.