Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend was the official first FUN weekend at our lake property.  We have spent lots of hours and lots of energy getting it to the point were we are comfortable having people there and it was all worth it.  My mom, sister-in-law, niece and nephew came plus our friends Mike and Jen.  On Sunday we rented a pontoon and spent about 4 hours on the lake with my family and while the day started out cool and overcast it turned out to be a beautiful day.  Yes Kaleigh actually jumped off the boat to her cousin Zach!  Courtney was not so brave.  Maybe next time she will be ready.  Still lots to do to get our lake property to the point were we want it to be but other than some minor things I think we are going to spend the rest of the year just enjoying it. 

Kaleigh Graduates!!

Kaleigh graduated the day after Courtney had her celebration and they actually had a ceremony and walked across the stage in a gown and got their diploma.  I am so proud of both my girls but Kaleigh has gone from being special needs to starting Kintergarden considered mainstream with some support services.  Both of our girls amaze us everyday with how much they know.  Please note the picture from her first day of school and see how she has changed.

Courtney's Graduation

Courtney's graduation consisted of a picnic lunch and hitting a pinata.  She really enjoyed having me come to school and having luch with her at school.  She was such a good girl and interacted with her school friends so well.  She has grown so much this year

.  Note the picture from her first day of school.

Courtney's Party!

Courtney was so excited because her "boyfriend" Max came to her birthday party.  The girls love going to Bounce U and it is a great place to have a party because they take care of everything for you.  All you have to do is show up bring the gifts and pay the bill.

Courtney turns 5!

Courtney started talking about her birthday as soon as I started talking about Kaleigh's which was in early January.  She ended up having a great few days.  She got presents from Grandma, had a party got to pick her favorite restaurant for dinner and lots of presents.


Easter was a cool damp day until much later in the day so the egg hunt happened inside.  As you can tell by the pictures the girls were really not in the mood for pictures that day.