Friday, February 25, 2011

More Birthday pics


Yes more celebrating!!! We spent her birthday evening at Chuckie Cheese and the girls had a blast!!! As you will see in one of the pictures Kaleigh really does love Barney. That was just one of many hugs she gave him.

1st day of School

Well it is official, my baby is 3 and started the pre K 3 program today.


Sunday we decided to go to the zoo since the weather was so nice. The girls had a blast.


After the birthday party we saw.................BARNEY!!! Kaleigh loved it, and was singing and dancing to the songs she knew. Courtney hid her face during half of it but finally started enjoying it about half way thru once she was safely in her daddy's lap.

Kaleigh's Birthday Party

We had Kaleigh's 3rd birthday party on Saturday. It is so hard to believe that my baby girl is 3 already. I have looked back at the pictures from last year's party and wow has she changed so much. She was still a baby then and now she is a little girl.

Chinese New Year

The FCC of Middle TN puts on a great Chinese New Year celebration. This is our second year attending and it was great. We always get a chance to meet new or different families at their events and for this celebration they bring in a lot of traditional Chinese culture. Brent and I love the Lion Dance but both girls were scared this year. Last year Kaleigh did ok with it but it was in a different setting this year and it seemed much louder.

Valentine's Day

Ok I know I am a couple of weeks behind on updating but I wanted to share some of Courtney's 1st experiences and also how much more Kaleigh is enjoying things this year. They both had special stuffed animals they picked out for Valentine's day and they both ended up with boxes of candy from daycare and they came straight home and dug in.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day at the Park with Daddy

Hoping to get some pictures of the CNY celebration up soon but until then here are some pictures of the girls at one of the local park playing. They always have fun here!!!