Friday, August 9, 2013

Our Last Day and Night

Our northern families left Friday morning so they could break up the long drive home so we had a slow day that started with a little beach time and the girls tormenting Danial and then some time just roaming the island since it rained off and on.  I wanted some last few pictures of the girls with the ocean behind them but Courtney refused so I just wanted to share a few of the good ones that I got of Kaleigh.  She seems to want to throw the peace sign or strike a pose for almost all of her pictues lately, not sure where that has come from. 

My pictures from our attempt at a Photo Shoot

On one of our "ladies" walks on the beach we found this nice piece of drift wood and decided that we would try to use it for our photo shoot this year instead of bringing one of the couches down to the beach.  I hope someone got some better shots than me.  Kaleigh was a posing fool the entire time except for during the group pictures or I just didn't actually catch her smiling.  Brent and Danny saved the day for Kaleigh when they rescued the flip flop from the ocean.  My favorite picture of all the kids happens to be the one of all of them sitting on the steps of the bakery from the first couple of days.  The bakery was wonderful too.

Reunion 2013 Dauphin Island

Well we were missing two families this year but we still had a wonderful time catching up and seeing all the kids playing together not to mention meeting the newest addition to our extended family.  The girls loved playing on the beach and picking up shells (thanks for the bags Jen).  Please enjoy these pictures from our first couple of days.