Thursday, December 27, 2012


The girls enjoyed Christmas more this year than any other, which means we did too!  They got too much between us and Santa Claus.  Enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thanksgiving and the Christmas Season

Well I didn't take as many pictures as normal this Thanksgiving since we were having some drama.  We had to admit one of our dogs (Abbigail) to the hospital Wednesday night and didn't bring her home until Friday afternoon with warnings that we may have to make some serious decisions about her soon.  Thankfully she has continued to get better and we hope that decision is far down the road.  We started last year with going to see ICE!! on Thanksgiving day and have decided it is the best time to go so we continued that tradition this year.  The girls love it!  The week after Thanksgiving Courtney had her 3rd surgery since joining our family and hopefully the last for a while.  This one was to help her lip and you will see in the picture of her and Kaleigh helping me make candy it looks bad but only because it is covered with a blue tinted glue. 


Fall Luck Ladd Farms

I was having trouble with my camera this day and I know we are well past fall I just wanted to share a couple of the good ones I got this day.  My girls LOVE LOVE LOVE Lucky Ladd farms and as a family we can spend several hours there easily.

Soccer pictures

I didn't post any soccer pictures this season so as I was going thru some old pictures I decided to go ahead and post just a couple.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Courtney...Forever Family Day # 2

Courtney has been so excited that today is in her words her "family day".  I have been trying to put it in terms the girls will understand but the conversations usually come up right before we get to school and I hate the thought of leaving them as school with unanswered questions or feelings of insecurity.  This child has changed so much over the past two years.  She went from a child that really didn't like me at first to one who is now much more secure in our love and her place in our family.  She has been through so much in the two years since she came home.  Two surgeries, losing both of her grandpas, starting school and multiple opportunities to travel.  She is a very smart outgoing little girl who is willful knows how to push my buttons at time and I truly could not imagine my life without her or her sister.  They have definitely completed this family.  Enjoy the pictures that show the day she joined our family, our first forever family day and now our second.  Wow has she grown and changed in these two years.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Couch pictures from the beginning

2012 (With the new honorary sister Courtney but missing Jaidyn)



Red Couch 2009 in China

Isn't it amazing how much these girls have grown and changed.  Can't wait to see the changes in the group next year!!!!

Light House and ocean side beach pictures

We had some bad weather while we were there so we did do some site seeing.  However pictures of our harbor tour in Hyannis Port will have to wait because someone forgot to pack our camera that day....  Oh well hopefully someone else got some good pictures of the day!

Couch photos and just my girls

More Reunion

We had a photographer taking these pictures too I can't wait to see how they turn out.

Dinner at a local marina, visiting a local history museum and beach time

More Reunion

Various pictures of the girls with the other girls.