Saturday, April 26, 2014


Well today I decided to take the girls to the zoo and we had a great time.  They actually wanted to look at the animals and they didn't mind walking and while it was warm it was not hot or humid.  We were actually their for about 4 hours which is about all it takes to look at most of our zoo.  They are wanting to see some animals that we don't have at our smaller zoo here in Nashville so I am going to find a nicer one to go to this summer.  Not sure if we are leaning more toward Memphis or Cincinnati. 


The girls picked out their Easter outfits completely this year and I think they looked beautiful.  It was a very nice day perfect to hunt eggs and cook out. 


The girls actually enjoy camping so we try to go at least once or twice a year.  We went the last part of their spring break which had beautiful warm weather until the day we went camping and it dropped down into the 30's both nights.  It was still beautiful and we had a nice fire to keep us warm.  The girls rode their bikes and we went for a lot of walks so it was still a great time.

Snow Day

You would think with the really cold winter that we had that we would have had at least one good snow but this was about as good as it got at our house.  Everyone else around us got a decent snow but us.  Anyway enjoy the girls playing in the dust of snow that we had. 


Yes the girls decided they wanted to try their hand at cheerleading this year.  They did good and loved it at times but at others missed just the straight tumbling class they use to take so I may get them back into that soon.  Anyway we ended our time in the program after they had the opportunity to cheer at one of the MTSU games.  Our seats were pretty high up so even with a really nice soom lens these were about as good as I could get. 

Forever Family Day!!! # 5

Five years Kaleigh has been our daughter and we her parents.  It seems like forever and at times like only yesterday.  She is an amazing you girl.  I can't call her a baby or even a toddler anymore and when you look at her pictures you will see why.  There is no baby look to her anymore.  Those who know us know that she has faced many struggles since becoming a part of our family but she has over come so many of those struggles.  The one struggle she has never had to face is being happy with us.  She has been happy since day one and she truly melts the hearts of almost all who know her.  Here is one picture of her with most recent forever family day gift.  She instantly filled it with as much junk as she could cram in it.