Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! It has been a hard year for everyone in our families this year and all the dads in our family that were no longer with us in person were with us in spirit and will forever be missed. Next for the Callahan's? New Years in the Smokies!!!!

Christmas Day

We had a great time Christmas morning. The girls knew exactly what to do and were excited about so many of their gifts. One favorite for both was the Caillou dolls from their favorite show. They also got Fisher Price digital cameras that they LOVE. Watch out if they aim a camera your way they are getting much better at aiming.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we enjoyed finger foods and then got dressed up for church before coming home to read The Night Before Christmas. The girls were very in to the story this year.

Dinner and Carriage Ride

The Friday before Christmas we decided to go downtown and eat dinner and on a carriage ride with Grandma who came up from Florida to spend Christmas with us. Kaleigh and Courtney love to watch the horse drawn carriages in downtown when we are down there for hockey games so as a surprise we took them on a carriage ride. It looks like we all had fun.


Did not get many photo opportunities while there because it was so crowded but here is a couple of cute ones with the girls and my niece. I know my mom and sister in law got more cute ones and I hope to have them soon.

Gatlinburg Parade

The weekend after Thanksgiving me and the girls headed to Gatlinburg to spend more time with Granny! My niece Sydney was in a cheerleading competition and we went to hang out and watch and go the the water park. No pictures yet from the water park since I was in the water with the girls the entire time. On Friday night mom and I took the girls into Gatlinburg to watch their famous Christmas parade and it was wonderful.

Christmas with Granny


The girls and Brent all enjoyed the slide this year. The girls each did it several times. They loved it! They didn't even wait for help they would go down and jump up and run back up the steps to wait on their next turn.


We took the girls and mom to see ICE! on Thanksgiving day and it was surprisingly not crowded. They all had a great time. This year Courtney actually got involved and even went down the slide.

Thanksgiving 2


We had mom here for Thanksgiving this year and I hope it made the holiday a little easier for her than I know it would have been. The girls had an early Christmas it her and we had lots of fun.

Next Dog????

Just a couple of pictures to show you the dog that both girls fell in love with at a craft fair. Kaleigh was more in love with it than Courtney was. We almost had to drag her away from it.


Yes, I know it is sad that I am so far behind on blogging that it is after Christmas and I am just now getting Halloween pictures up. They really understood it this year and were both very excited to get started. Kaleigh was Tinkerbell and Courtney was AbbyCadabby from Seaseme Street.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

School Fall Festival

They had fun and so did me and Brent


They love the slides and picking out the perfect pumpkin was not easy!

Lucky Ladd Farms the fall version

We went back to Lucky Ladd Farms the weekend at the end of the girls fall break and we had a great time once again. Our neighbors went with us. The girls could stay here for hours and never get bored.