Monday, May 16, 2011

Family and Friends


The baptism was beautiful but Courtney in her usual fashion was not happy about the sprinkling of water on her head so the pastor patted the excess water off and whispered "Is that better?" and Courtney responded in a much louder tone of voice and to the delight of the congregation "Yeah".

Kaleigh at Cheekwood

Courtney at Cheekwood


We spent the Saturday before Courtney's baptism taking Brent's parents to Cheekwood to see the gardens and the train layout. It started out wet and chilly and then turned out sunny and warmer before we all got drenched in the rain! Enjoy the pictures of the girls. There are some really good ones of Courtney

Monday, May 9, 2011

Courtney's 1st day of school

Today was the day Courtney had been waiting on for over two go to school with Kaleigh. Once the day finally arrived she changed her mind and most definitely did not want to go. I had her excited again by the time we got there but once she realized she would not be in her sister's class she was scared silly again and would not let go of my leg once we walked into class in the next room. When I picked them up this afternoon I could tell they had both had a wonderful day.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Mother's day

Mother's Day Fun

Yes it is just the girls and the fun for mama was that they didn't need me for anything for almost an hour!!!

More Birthday Day Pics

Courtney's Birthday

Courtney has been waiting on this day since Kaleigh's birthday. She kept telling us she was two and on her birthday she would be three. She saw her tricycle before her birthday and somehow knew it was for her birthday. We celebrated for her last year but it was so nice to finally have a day that was all about her.

More Easter


We had a wonderful yet extremely busy Easter. We went to church, hunter eggs and went downtown for dinner and a preds game. Here are some pictures from the day

More Indy Pics

We really did have a great time in Indy at the Children's Museum. Here are a few more pictures.