Saturday, February 23, 2013

Forever Family Day Anniversary


The day we first met



Yes as well as celebrating Kaleigh's birthday we are celebrating the day she became our daughter and the day she changed our world.  Today more than I ever have I am wondering about her birth parents and wondering if they think about that tiny baby they held in their arms so breifly.  I wish them comfort and peace with their decisions and I hope they know deep in their hearts that she is loved deeply and forever.  She is an amazing child who had overcome so much in her short life and her joy in life spreads to everyone around her!  Wow how she had changed from one year to the next!  This year she got a jewelry box and it just so happens that she got a cute watch from one ofher friends for her birthday.

Kaleigh's birthday party!

We had a great birthday party for Kaleigh at Bounce U and she had friends from school and neighbor friends there and she enjoyed every second of it.  She is normally a child who is content to be a part of the group but she was so excited about being the center of attention tonight but very sweet about it as well. 

Kaleigh turns 5!!!

Happy birthday baby girl.  Wow how you have changed our world and how you have changed from that tiny baby who was placed in my arms so long ago.  Enjoy the pictures of Kaleigh's actual birthday.  She has been so happy over her birthday this year and understands it so much better!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chinese New Year!!!

We love to go to the Middle TN FCC Chinese New Year celebration.  The girls love the crafts and especially the dances!  Me?  I love seeing them in their traditional Chinese dresses.  This year Courtney wore the one that is traditional for the Inner Mongolia area.  And Kaleigh is doing her signature move, hands on the hips for everything!

Early Birthday Presents

Valentine's Day

Ever since Halloween my girls get super excited over every holiday and Valentine's Day was no exception.  They talked about it for weeks and that morning they got up to find their candy and stuffed dogs sitting on the table.  The only problem now is that they are more interested in their stuff than in having pictures made for mommy.


Yes we finally got enough snow for the girls to play in it for a shot time.  It was completely gone by noon but they loved it.