Monday, May 7, 2012

Courtney's Party and 4th Birthday

Once again Courtney has been waiting on her birthday since Kaleigh's and she has been so super excited.  We had her party at one of the bounce places called Jumper's Playhouse and I finally gave up on taking pictures of them jumping and bouncing because they were moving way to fast.  So you will see some pictures of them in the party room and them some pictures of just our girls at Chuckie Cheese which is where she wanted her birthday dinner to be at.  I know their hair looks horrible but Courtney has always hated bows and Kaleigh just wants to tuck her hair behind her ear now so they both look like they just jumped out of bed!  Oh and the cute little boy in the green with Courtney in a couple of the pictures is her "boyfriend"!

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